Common Horror #1

It started off as a faint scratching on the door…


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Sleep Deprivations – # Kiwi


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Fun Fact

Your face and other parts of your body are inhabited by thousands of arachnids.

The microscopic mites (demodex folliculorum/brevis) nest in your oil glands and feed off your sebum. There they breed and eat, until they die. (Leaving all of their digestive gunk, because they do not poop. Yes, they are essentially poop bombs. In your skin.)

Just look at these cute little buggers:


Endearing, I know. And here they are in their natural habitat (again: your skin… right now):


Have I mentioned that there is little to nothing you can do about it? There is no known effective therapy. We’ve always had them and probably will always have them.

Sleep tight. On your pillow, which is also invaded with other mites. But that’s a topic for another time. ❤

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Sleep Deprivations 3 – A Great Deal

Today only!*
40% on Alcoholism**

And bulk discount on all products highly correlated with various types of cancer!***

*(And every other day it becomes profitable.) **(We remind our consumers, that it is their own responsibility to consume safely. “Guns don’t kill people.”, remember? Just because addiction is statistically profitable to us and the government, this does not make us responsible for your self medication.) ***(We remind our consumers, that statistical correlation of our products with fatal diseases COULD be coincidental and you have no way of proving our product in particular was the cause or even a main factor with undeniable certainty. Please stop suing us with reasons like “We all know you actively kill your consumers. You know it, the jury knows it, everyone knows it.” Plausible deniability  and our vastly superior legal manpower make your efforts futile. See “**” for further information on the topic.)

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Lieber nicht.

Lieber im Kreis.

Wieder und wieder und immer wieder.

Hinfallen, ein “Ich hab’s dir doch gesagt.” und gleich nochmal.

Der Radius immer gleich.

Erleuchtung im Moment, der sich nie verändert.

Denn sicher ist mir mein Hundeglück.

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Yith Nuru

When reading up on your lovecraftian horror, you will notice two very distinct and important themes.

The first is based on Lovecrafts literary philosophy of cosmicism. Stories emphasize the horrible insignificance of humans by comparison to the almost metaphysical creatures which are implemented into (the background of) the stories. Older, bigger, wiser and more powerful than humans, they escape your cognitive faculties and even our senses, frequently driving protagonists insane. What’s left are secondary anecdotes, scriptures of cults surrounding these eldergods or the last testimonies of witnesses (before they commit suicide). Suspense is primarily carried by an omnipresent dread. A threat not only to the body but your existence as a whole. In Lovecraft’s universe you are either blissfully ignorant, have been driven insane or you are “one of them”.


The other theme is slime.

Sometimes it’s stinky. But gooey slime seems to be of the utmost importance. To the point that you start wondering if the choice of marine settings are less about the deep and dark unknown and more about having an excuse to make slime more plausible. His creatures include borderline-metaphysical beasts of unimaginable power, overcoming our puny sense of time and death. But by god, if the thing is to have physical form, it better be Flubber’s second fish-cousin once removed. Adding a very different and (in my opinion) needless element of disgust, heavily colliding with the awe inspiring horror of these beings, which are otherwise fascinatingly attractive, making you crave more knowledge about them.

Disturbingly (but not surprisingly) this resonates heavily with Japanese literature and pop culture. And we all know what rustles Japanese jimmies. (“Dagon-senpai, iiiiieaaaaaaaah!”)

So if you either enjoy cosmic horror, questioning your significance OR also have a disturbing obsession with slime (making everyone else uncomfortable), Lovecraft is your guy.


Cthulhu fhtagn. You sexy slimy beast.


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Sleep Deprivations 2 – Motivational Philosophy

Epicure is the cowbell of (layman’s) philosophy.

There’s more to it than most people believe and you probably need more of it.

Then again this is true of most philosophers. Except for Descartes and Ayn Rand. Nobody needs more of those two. Nobody.

(Also: “Stop posting motivational quotes. Intellectual deflation is a thing.” ~ M Night Bananaman)

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