Another thought…

I feel one of the more important realizations in life is that some answers (allot actually) are quite simple. But that doesn’t necessarily make them easy.

The correct answer may strip you from dignity and fling you into a state of depression and shame. And knowing you did the right thing will be of little comfort. Because we are able to (more or less) make decisions rationally but not feel about them the same way.

“This is bad, but the alternative would be worse or at best egotistically better.”, is what we tell ourselves. What we should tell ourselves, at least.

The fools way of making this mistake is to “take responsibility”, as though making the wrong choice and thereby “punishing” themselves were good enough. No matter who else you throw under the bus while doing so.

tl;dr: Doing the right thing can suck sometimes. Life is depressing sometimes. Whoop dee fuckin’ doo!


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